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Do you feel lost, anxious, or desperate?
Do you feel like there is no solution to your difficult situation?

You have options even if it doesn’t feel that way.

  • We Listen
  • We Help
  • We don’t judge
  • We have solid, stable, loving families who can step in a right way



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We are sorry you are faced with this difficult decision. We know every parent loves their child and wants the very best for them. We know you want your child to have the best life possible… a life full of love, stability, and opportunities.

Many families want to make their own decisions regarding their child’s future, so you can be responsible for securing him or her a good life full of possibilities. We know there are many families who would prefer to know their options when concerned with possible CPS (Child Protective Services) involvement and the fear of losing their children to the foster care system.

We know you are worried what your child/children will think later in life after placing them for adoption, but the truth is that children are thankful to their parents if they are put in a good, loving, and stable home. They are thankful to their biological family for the position they put them in, and for making the choice with them in mind.

You have options, and we can explain them to you. You are not alone. We do not judge. Our services are free to you. We will always be honest in answering your questions.

Situations when families might consider placing children for adoption:

  • If you are struggling and strongly feel there is no way you can provide a stable life for your child/children.
  • If you are worried CPS may take away your children, or you are worried your children will grow up in foster care.
  • If you are dealing with addiction or legal issues.
  • If your home environment is unsafe.
  • If you are dealing with mental health issues.
  • If you have reoccurring domestic violence issues in front of your children.


Our services are free to you! We are here to help, listen, and understand what your hopes are. Our goal is to put children in solid, stable homes with lots of opportunities. Here are ways we can help immediately:


You can call, message or text us. We can make ourselves available to meet with you, talk to you on the phone, and to understand what your situation is. We can even pick you up or meet you somewhere safe.


We have a number of fully-approved adoptive families who can provide a solid and secure life for a child, full of love, educational opportunities, and stability. You are a big part of the whole process. You choose the family after we provide you information about them.


We want to learn about your child/children, their unique personality, and their needs, so that we can find the best match.


We schedule joint meetings and spend time together, where you ask questions and communicate with the adoptive parents if you wish to. You are the one to make the final decision on if this is the right family to parent your child.


We can talk about you getting updates, pictures, scheduled conference calls, or possibly visitations, to make sure there is a clear post-adoption plan. If you choose to, we make sure you get these updates and that your questions are answered.


According to Indiana law, financial support is allowable up to 6 weeks after the delivery of the child.


An adoption plan gives you an option to ensure the future of your child with the family you feel good about and have come to trust. We stand by your side through the whole process. Placement can take place in a day to two weeks. The main thing we need to make sure is that it is in the best interest of your child, and also in your best interest. We always want the safety of your child to come first.

Questions you will need to answer for us:

  • Are you and your child/children safe right now?
  • Do you have legal custody of the child/children?​
  • Are your other family members unable to help, or do you not feel comfortable leaving your children with them permanently?​
  • It is your choice to name or not name the birth father unless he is on the birth certificate.
  • What are the whereabouts of the biological father, and does he know about your plan?
  • Was the biological father a part of the child’s life, and if so, for how long?​
  • Any medical or other special needs for your child/children?
  • What provides your child/children with comfort? (For example, a special blanket or toy, a certain meal, etc.)

Documents you will need to provide:
– Your child’s birth certificate and social security number
– Your birth certificate and social security number.


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317-843-2300 – Office Monday – Friday (9am to 5pm)