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Why Kidsfirst?

Personalized Care

Our staff, from Executive Director - on down, is available for assistance at any time. We will guide you through the entire adoption process, and continue to be available after the adoption has been completed.


The complexities of adoption make it stressful having unanswered questions. KidsFirst is always available to address your concerns in a timely manner, to assist you throughout the entire process so you never feel alone.

Caring Staff

One of the best measures of an agency is how they deal with problems. When issues arise in the middle of the night, or while overseas, you can reach out to us for help - 24 hours a day. Problems are dealt with promptly and efficiently.

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About us

KidsFirst has been working in adoption for over 18 years, completing over 700 adoptions around the world - from Russia and China, to almost all 50 states.

Our agency was started by Inna Pecar in 1998, and continues to guide birthmothers and adoptive families through the process with sensitivity and compassion, to assure the long-term success of each adoption.

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