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KFAS places children domestically with couples and single men or women, based on the preferences of the expectant mother. Our team guides both biological and adoptive families through the adoption process. We provide all services necessary to place a child and complete an adoption in a sensitive, compassionate and ethical manner. Our domestic adoption services include completing home studies for adoptive parents, reviewing the adoptive family’s profile book, assessing medical issues and connecting adoptive parents with trusted specialists when questions arise, coordinating as many meetings as are necessary between our agency, the adoptive parents, and the biological parents, meeting at the hospital after delivery to guide the parties through the placement process, and finalizing the adoption in court. We help to create honest communication and respectful boundaries for the biological family and the adoptive families.

For the biological parents, we offer assistance which includes, but is not limited to, financial support in accordance with Indiana law, transportation, job search, and connecting them with resources to help them through this difficult time of their lives. We schedule meetings with the biological parents and the adoptive family prior to delivery to ensure that they can discuss their hospital plan and any post-adoption agreements. We stay in touch with both adoptive and biological families after the placement. We are available post-adoption to ensure that the choices about communication that bio and adoptive families are further facilitated by us in case help or guidance is needed.


There are typically 5 steps to completing a domestic adoption.

  • 1. Agency consultation:

    You will meet with our agency director and staff to learn more about the program’s details. You will begin to formulate your adoption plan and understand your specific role in the adoption process.

  • 2. Agency application and completion of a home study:

    Your mandatory home study can be completed by KidsFirst or another licensed home study agency.

  • 3. Completion of a profile book:

    Expectant mothers will view every compatible family’s profile book to choose the family she wants to parent the child. The profile book tells/shows a story about the adoptive family.

  • 4. Matching:

    Once your home study has been approved and your profile book has been completed, you are ready to be matched with a potential expectant mother. At this stage there needs to be a mutual level of comfort between the expectant family and the adoptive family. KidsFirst helps facilitate this entire process.

  • 5. Correspondence:

    Once you have accepted a match, you will begin your relationship with the expectant family. In some cases, financial support of the expectant mother is necessary. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis. You may be invited to the hospital for the birth, or you may be asked to refrain from visiting; this is dependent on the expectant mothers wishes.

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We work with expectant mothers who are pregnant and/or experiencing difficulties with parenting a child. In most cases, the expectant mother is highly involved in identifying the adoptive family. In other cases, she may prefer that the agency assists her with choosing a family.

The child is always the primary concern for us and we will put all our heart and effort into ensuring that the child is in the best home possible with a healthy family environment.

Types of adoption
  • Open adoption
    • Confidentiality is protected by the agency
    • Visitation plan between biological and adoptive families, with updates and pictures. KidsFirst helps the parties derive a workable plan that makes sense for both sides. E-mail addresses can be exchanged
  • Semi open
    • Confidentiality is protected by the agency
    • updates and pictures are provided through e-mail through adoptive parents or through the agency. Conference calls between the biological and adoptive parents can be arranged as well.
  • Closed adoption
    • Confidentiality is protected by the agency
    • No scheduled plan with picture or updates
    • If the biological parents would like updates those updates are provided through the agency.

The adoptive families and expectant mothers have the freedom to determine their level of openness in the adoption; you will only be matched with an expectant mother whose preferences match your own. It is important to note that many expectant mothers prefer semi-open adoptions, as it is considered a healthy choice for her and for the child in most cases. We ask our families to please consider the well-being of all parties when making this plan.


Though KidsFirst does all it can to ensure that an expectant mother does not proceed with an adoption plan unless she is certain, things can change after the child’s birth.

In the state of Indiana, a birthmother has 24-48 hours after the child’s birth before she signs the finalizing adoption papers.