KidsFirst Adoption works with biological parents who desire to make an adoption plan. These are adoptions where the agency provides family profiles to the biological parent(s) and the biological parents select the adopting parent(s) who will adopt his or her child.

In Indiana, these placements may require that some background information be exchanged, although the biological and adoptive parents may elect not to exchange identifying information, such as last names and addresses. Usually some type of ongoing arrangement, although generally not legally binding, is established. For instance, the biological parent(s) may desire to receive pictures or letters about the child after the adoptive placement, and in some instances, may hope to schedule video calls or physical visitations. Although these types of adoption arrangements are generally not legally binding, we consider it a moral obligation of adoptive parents to stand by any agreement they make with biological parents. KidsFirst Adoption will help adoptive parents resolve these arrangements with the biological parents, as well as dealing with all other issues for the biological parents, including but not limited to, arranging insurance coverage for the medical care of the mother and baby, setting doctor’s appointments and providing transportation to the appointments, helping the biological mother when she needs food or clothing, and managing the disbursement of financial assistance the biological mother may be entitled to under Indiana law.

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