These are adoptions where the biological parent(s) select the adopting parent(s) who will adopt his or her child. Often, adoptive parents may find biological parents who are interested in making an adoption plan and may need an attorney to meet with the biological mother after birth to take the required adoption consents. The attorney can then file the petition in Indiana. These placements may require that some background information be exchanged, although the biological and adoptive parents may choose not to exchange identifying information, such as last names and addresses. Usually some type of ongoing arrangement, although generally not legally binding, is established. For instance, the biological parent(s) may desire to receive pictures or letters about the child after the adoptive placement, and in some instances, may hope to schedule video calls or physical visitations.

Each adoption is impacted by various factors, and it is important that you seek the aid of a skilled adoption lawyer to ensure that your process is completed as effortlessly as possible.