women we have helped and their stories

Story 1

Jennifer came to us seven months pregnant without stable living arrangements and was struggling with addiction issues. She and her husband had concerns at first, just like most birth mothers do. They had concerns about being judged, confidentiality, system involvement, and finding a loving home for her child.

It was then, after talking to KidsFirst those feelings went away. Jennifer and her husband arranged a meeting with the KidsFirst staff at a place that was convenient for them. During the meeting, staff provided them with photo books of pre-approved families, who were ready to open their home. During this meeting, Jennifer and her husband were able to pick the family they felt was best, and continued moving forward with the adoption process.

They chose to have the adoptive family involved through the remainder of the pregnancy. Jennifer and Joe desired the adoptive family to attend medical appointments, ultrasounds, and other meetings with KidsFirst. The family even chose to have the adoptive family in the delivery room.

Jennifer and her husband had desires after the birth for themselves and the adoptive family. They had hopes after the birth of the child, the baby would be taken and placed with the adoptive family. Jennifer did not want to have contact with the baby to make it easier on herself, and her husband desired to go and spend a few hours with the adoptive family and baby.

Due to the issues of addiction, the baby was born with drug exposure. The hospital is legally obligated to contact DCS and make a report. However, due to Jennifer and her husband having an adoption plan, the DCS worker completed the report and stopped involvement.

Jennifer and Joe chose to have a semi-open adoption with updates and pictures from the adoptive family through the agency. They also desired to have one, face-to-face meeting during the first of the year. Through KidsFirst, all those desires were honored.

We are happy to share Jennifer and Joe were able to receive help regarding their addiction issue, and were able to use support money, which is allowed by the state of Indiana, to rent a place. They found a job, and are much more stable now.

Most of all, they sleep well because they know their child is doing very well, is loved, cared for, and is thriving in a very solid family who is forever grateful to Jennifer and Joe for their trust and incredible opportunity to be parents they provided to them.

Story 2

Being married to a man who was convicted of battery due to drug charges, illegal firearms, and violent behaviors makes for a hard and difficult decision when it comes to a pregnancy. Latisha knew she was not in a position to parent a baby. She wanted to be able to provide a good and stable life for the child, which her current situation would not be able to provide. Latisha reached out to KidsFirst and was able to receive support and encouragement every step of the way. Latisha did have concerns and was worried about the baby’s father, but KidsFirst helped in every way to help ease her and provide a smooth transition. Due to these concerns, Latisha chose a private adoption plan. The baby was placed in a loving home, and Latisha is able to have comfort knowing her child is safe, happy, and loved.

Story 3

Cassandra reached out to KidsFirst because she felt her two-year-old daughter deserved more than what she was providing and what she could provide in the future. She wanted to ensure her child would have a bright future because that is what she deserves. Cassandra was selfless through this, knowing she had given it her all the last two years of life. She was moving from place to place and struggled to keep a stable income. That is when she knew she wanted more for her daughter. She did not want her in the system, so she reached out to Kidsfirst. Cassandra wanted to pick the pre-approved family herself and learn more about the family she would place her child with. Though this was a very difficult decision, Cassandra knows in her heart that it was what was best for her daughter. Cassandra received support through the whole process, and continues to receive updates and pictures. Cassandra always thinks about her daughter, and is happy she will have a life full of opportunities, a good education, and is somewhere she can thrive.

Story 4

Roberta delivered a child who was diagnosed with a medical condition that she was not prepared for. Roberta made the hard decisions after birth and reached out to KidsFirst and asked if we could help find a pre-approved family that was able to deal with this medical condition. KidsFirst worked hard to find a family she was comfortable with, and her child is now doing well.

Story 5

Tabatha had an unplanned pregnancy and wanted to find out about her options. It was in the middle of it she reached out to KidsFirst. Tabitha’s relationship was not one she felt she could remain in, especially brining a child into it. She made the decision to give her child up for adoption, however, she was worried about the father and wanted him to not be involved in the process. Tabatha desired an adoption plan to be created without his involvement. It was then, KidsFirst explained how she could continue with her desires with the option of naming or not naming the biological father. She was provided with options and support through her adoption journey. Tabatha chose a family who wanted to be involved in the pregnancy, attend doctors’ appointments, and be supportive during the pregnancy. Tabatha built a good relationship with the adoptive family as they got to spend time together and get to know each other. Tabatha can rest easy, knowing she had great support through the difficult time and knowing her child is a part of a loving family.

Story 6

MaryAnn called during an extremely difficult time in her life. At this time, MaryAnne was running from local law enforcement and decided to place her three-month-old son up for adoption prior to turning herself in. She wanted to be active in the adoption process and wanted to choose a family that was already approved and on the waiting list to receive a child. She did not want her immediate family to be present in the child’s life because she wanted her child to able to live a life that she was not fortunate enough to live. After adoption, we were able to provide MaryAnn with updates while she was in jail along with conference calls with the adoptive family when she was released. The child is doing very well and is always in the hearts of both MaryAnne and the adoptive parents.

So many stories, so many paths. We offer options and support without judgement. We keep your situation confidential.