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We are sorry you are faced with this difficult decision.


We are here not to judge, but to listen and answer your questions.

Call or text us anytime, day or night!



Here are ways we can help:


If you believe adoption is the best option for you and your baby, we can provide help with paying for rent, utilities, clothing, phone bills, etc. Our support is given in accordance with Indiana state laws, which impose a limit on these kinds of pregnancy expenses.


We will provide help with setting up appointments with a doctor of your choice. We will also help to enroll you in a Medicaid program (if you qualify), and get you support for your medical expenses.


We can provide help with your transportation needs, so you can get groceries, etc. We can also help connect you with appropriate community resources to help you along throughout the process. We truly care that you and your baby are doing well, and all of our services are FREE to expecting mothers.

Here are the steps for getting started:

  1. Call or text us at 317-518-3032.

  2. Schedule a time to meet with us, or we can drive to a location convenient for you.

  3. You are welcome to bring a family member, significant other, or friend to the meeting.



We care about our expectant mothers, and are glad to guide them along with finding a loving family for their child, and providing support throughout the pregnancy.


You are allowed financial help if you are setting up an adoption plan. Indiana law allows help from the 2nd trimester, up to 6 weeks after delivery.


We will bring you scrapbooks of fully approved adoptive parents, who are ready to take custody of a child right away. It is up to you to choose a family who you trust to provide a good life for the child.


KidsFirst is run by social workers, and we ensure adoptive parents are thoroughly checked and educated, and have the emotional and financial stability to provide a loving, caring home for the child.



We will try to understand what your specific needs are, and make sure you are safe and well taken care of. We are glad to schedule meetings with potential adoptive parents so you can meet them in person and ask questions directly.

We will answer your questions about the adoption process any time of day, and will listen attentively to your preferences with how you would like to proceed.


KidsFirst was the best decision I made for my daughter. Inna and Suzanne helped me throughout my whole pregnancy. They really care about birthmothers, and not just because it is their job.



When I met you, you gave me so much peace. That's what I was looking for... the peace, and to know that somebody out there loved me and didn't judge me. Now, within the two years that I placed (my child), I feel now that I'm starting to heal. And I'm so happy that I get my updates, and I get my pictures. And if I did it again, I would, and I'd do it with KidsFirst, because Inna and her husband, and their staff, (they're) loving. You don't have to be family for someone to love you, and that's what I'm finding out. I thank God that he placed you in my life, because I don't know where I would've been, or where my child would've been. I know that I wouldn't have her, but I don't know if I would've had the peace that I have now. They've kept their word on everything they said.



With KidsFirst, I knew I finally had someone that cared. It was a hard decision, but I do not regret it knowing that my children have a stable and happy home where they can be successful. The compassion, love, understanding, and knowing that I was never being judged made this journey that much easier.



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