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Monday - Friday
9am - 5pm


317-843-2300 (Office)
317-518-3032 (Birthmothers)

Monday - Friday (9 to 5)

Indianapolis, Indiana

Hours: Mon - Fri (9 to 5)

Indianapolis, Indiana

Office: 317-843-2300

Mothers: 317-518-3032

Contact us anytime.
Give us a call or connect with social media.

Our staff, from Executive Director - on down, is available for assistance at any time. We will guide you through the entire adoption process, and continue to be available after the adoption has been completed.

The complexities of adoption make it stressful to have unanswered questions. KidsFirst is always available to address your concerns in a timely manner, and assist you throughout the entire process so you never feel alone.

One of the best measures of an agency is how they deal with problems. When issues arise in the middle of the night, or while overseas, you can reach out to us for help - 24 hours a day. Problems are dealt with promptly and efficiently.

Paul: Eastern Europe

Paul is social and friendly! He loves sports and takes tae kwon do lessons. He also enjoys listening to music and watching television. He attends school and does well there. Paul has good behavior, adapts quickly, and is not aggressive.


Age: April 2003


Special / Medical Needs: None! Paul is a physically healthy child!

Peter: Eastern Europe

Peter is active and social! He has friendships with his peers and the older children at his center. Peter is in 1st grade, and enjoys playing in group activities. He expresses his emotions appropriately, and is not aggressive.


Age: October 2009


Special / Medical Needs: He has a heart defect (atypical papilla sphincterotomy, mainly supravalvular, with a gradient of 30mm). This defect is described as mild, as one of the valves is slightly tighter. Peter does not have any restrictions, and does not take any medications. His prognosis is excellent, and the doctors believe that he will outgrow the defect as he ages. Peter is in good health, and is developmentally on-target for his age.

Paul (left) and Peter (right)