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women we helped and their stories

Story 1

Jennifer came to us when she was seven months pregnant.


She and her husband did not have stable living arrangements and were dealing with addiction issues. Their concerns were: not to be judged, to not worry that their situation will be treated with confidentiality, to make sure the child does not go in the system, they wanted to make sure they choose pre-approved family who will love their child and will provide lots of opportunities.


They texted KidsFirst at 317-518-3032 and arranged a call. After talking on the phone we met them at the place convenient for them and brought with us books of fully pre-approved families. They chose a family. A meeting was scheduled.


Jennifer and her husband wanted chosen family to come to their doctor appointments and wanted them to be in the delivery room. They hoped that their baby goes in a separate room with adoptive parents and they take over. Jennifer wanted to see the baby but preferred no interaction to make it easier for herself. Her husband, Joe, wanted to spend a couple hours with the baby and he joined adoptive parents in their room.


After the baby was born, DCS was involved by the hospital staff because of drug exposure. Since Jennifer and Joe had an adoption plan, our agency provided approved home study of adoptive parents to DCS worker and that stopped their involvement. Baby went with adoptive parents.


Jennifer and Joe chose semi-open adoption with updates and pictures from adoptive parents through the agency. They wanted to have one face to face meeting during the first year. All of that was honored.


We are happy to share Jennifer and Joe were able to receive help regarding their addiction issue and were able to use $4,000 support money, which is allowed by the state of Indiana, to rent a place. They found a job and are so much more stable now.


Most of all, they sleep well because they know their daughter is doing very well, she is loved, cared for, and thriving in a very solid family who is forever grateful to Jennifer and Joe for their trust and incredible opportunity to be parents they provided to them.

Story 2

Latisha was married but her husband was convicted of battery, illegal firearms, drug charges and violent behavior. She was not in the position to parent their baby but wanted to provide a good stable life and move on with her life. She called us hoping we can help to find a loving family for her baby but was concerned if it will create an issue with the father. We helped her in every way we could. She chose private adoption plan and her baby is doing great. Despite of private plan, she called just a month ago and asked for pictures and updates which we provided right away.

Story 3

Mary delivered a baby at the hospital and decided to call us when hospital social worker called CPS because she tested positive for drugs. She knew in her heart she can’t parent but didn’t want her baby to go to the system. We provided profiles of pre-approved families right away and she placed her son with the family she felt really good about. She was also able to receive $4,000 support which Indiana law allows up to six weeks after delivery and used this support to get a separate apartment, pay bills and buy new clothing so that she can interview for a job.

Story 4

Cassandra called us because she felt her two year old daughter deserved more stability and opportunities in life. Cassandra tried very hard for two years and was moving from place to place and things just didn’t work. She wanted a good solid family and hoped for updates and pictures. She made this call because she endlessly loves her daughter by worried that she will end up in the system. Cassandra wanted to choose pre-approved family herself and to know she put her in this good situation instead of her daughter being taken away. She is receiving updates and pictures. Cassandra always thinks about her daughter but is happy that she will have a life full of opportunities, good education, and she as a mother arranged it for her.

Story 5

Roberta delivered a child who was diagnosed with a medical condition she couldn’t handle. It was extremely hard, but she called and asked if we can find a fully approved family who is prepared to deal with her condition. We worked hard to find a family she was comfortable with and her child is doing extremely well. Roberta chose a private adoption.

Story 6

Tabatha called us to find out about her options when she was in the middle of her unplanned pregnancy from a man she felt she can’t continue relationship with. She wanted adoption plan to be just her decision without his involvement. We explained to Tabatha she has an option of naming or not naming biological father. She chose a family who could be involved in her doctor appointments and be a support during delivery. They actually hung out in the room together and learned a lot about each others’ personalities, favorite foods, etc. Tabatha chose to have a couple visitations with the child during the first two years after adoption and then pictures and updates.

Story 7

Jordan called us at the very end of pregnancy. She preferred privacy and asked that family takes her daughter right after she is born and spend time with her in a separate room at the hospital. She wanted to see her daughter after birth but no interaction after.

Story 8

MaryAnn called us during extremely difficult time in her life, when she was running from the law and decided to place her three year old son for adoption prior to turning herself in. She worked to choose fully approved family and meet with them in person prior. She made it very clear she didn’t want her immediate family to parent the child. She didn’t want her son to have life similar to hers. After adoption, we provided updates to her in jail and then did multiple conference calls with the family after she got out. He is doing very well and is always in the heart of both MaryAnn and adoptive parents.

Story 9

Becky was just 19 years old and she parented her son for 9 months. She tried hard but just couldn’t do it. He reminded her of the father of the child who was not good to her. She knew it was not her son’s fault but it was still hard to connect. “He deserves better” she said. She brought her friend and then father to a meeting with us and chose a family who absolutely fell in love with her son. She visited us a couple years later with her husband and child.

So many stories, so many paths. We offer options and support without judgement. We keep your situation confidential.